Damaraland is where you will find the vast majority of Namibia`s wildlife with teeming plains herds, fearful predators, noble giants and an underworld of fascinating plants, insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. Southern Damaraland, from Swakopmund up to the Huab River, has many geological and historical attractions and is a popular region for rugged off-road camping expeditions.

The land rises slowly up towards the great escarpment and volcano-induced peaks break up the endless plains. Northern Damaraland up to the Hoanib River has the greatest concentration of game. The terrain rumples into grassy hills dotted with mopane and acacia trees as you travel north-east over the plateau towards Etosha National Park.

Touring excursions with expert guides and good accommodation can be easily arranged to allow you to experience this fascinating region and its wildlife both safely and to the full.

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