Boulders Beach in Cape Town is a picturesque area with a number of large boulders and small sandy coves and famously home to a colony of 3000 jackass (African) penguins If you get to Boulders Beach early on a summer day you will be able to get yourself a spot on the beach where the public can picnic, and build sandcastles.

There are two entrances to the penguins` protected area. The first, as you come along Queens Rd (the continuation of St George`s St) from Simon`s Town, is at the end of Sea forth Rd; the second is at Bellevue Rd, where you`ll also find accommodation and places to eat. You can observe the penguins from the boardwalk at Foxy Beach and at Boulders Beach. Penguins like to walk about and generally ignore fences.

A boardwalk has been built around the dunes so you can get a great close up look at the entire colony eating, breeding, preening, swimming and chatting away but you must note that it is forbidden to touch the penguins, or to feed them.

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