Birds of Eden in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa is the largest free-flight aviary in the world. The sanctuary encompasses 2.3ha of partly forested land, covered by a 3.2ha of mesh and criss-crossed by a 1.2km walkway.

Visitors here can explore at their own pace with the use of specialised guidebooks that are available on site. The sanctuary is home to over 2,000 birds of around 150 species, including Louries, Parrots, Parakeets, Waterfowl, Flamingos, Starlings, Robins and Cranes. Also living at Birds of Eden are some of the miniature primates who are too small for its sister sanctuary Monkeyland: Cotton-top Tamarins, golden-handed Tamarins and Bushbabies.

Furthermore, giant fruit bats from South East Asia and tree squirrels can be admired in this stunning space.

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