The Serengeti national park in Tanzania is Africa`s most famous park and is the venue for the two million strong wildebeest “Great Migration” and home to a large concentrations of predators, the Serengeti is a park that guarantees an exceptional safari.

The vast endless grass plains (Serenget in Maasai) are the richest grazing grounds on the continent and are home to the largest herds on the planet and the highest concentrations of predators in Africa. Originally created to preserve the path of the Great Migration, the Serengeti and its surrounding reserves cover nearly 30,000 square kilometres. Throughout the year the huge wildebeest and zebra herds move in a clockwise direction around the plains, searching for fresh grazing grounds.

Safari excursions with expert guides can be easily arranged to allow you to experience this fascinating region and its wildlife both safely and to the full.

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