Ayers Rock, known as Uluru by the native Aboriginal people is 450 km (270 miles) west from Alice Springs in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park which covers over 132 000 ha. and is one of Australia`s most famous landmarks and is the country`s most visited site. The massive red monolith is the weathered peak of a buried mountain range rising 430 metres from the desert with a perimeter of about 9km (5.5 miles).

This area is considered sacred by the Aboriginal people and all visitors are asked to respect this, climbing is allowed here but the traditional owners (the Anangu) prefer that visitors do not. The rock itself is a truly awe inspiring sight with colours that seem to change with the sandstone taking on various hues of red, purple, orange, grey and yellow, depending on weather conditions and your distance from it.

There are various tours with expert guides that can easily be arranged, some offer a gourmet BBQ with Champagne and delicacies such as kangaroo, barramundi and buffalo before enjoying a spectacular view of the stars under the clear night sky with an astronomer who will take you on a tour of the Southern night skies.

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