Lamington National Park in Brisbane, Australia covers 20,590ha and is home to extensive walking tracks along the McPherson Range allowing visitors to explore the area`s forests, creeks and waterfalls. Superb lookouts offer spectacular views over south-east Queensland, the Gold Coast, northern New South Wales and south-east Queensland.

The park is situated between subtropical and temperate climates so there are a staggering variety of plants, animals and birdlife to be seen here with areas that are excellent for bushwalking through open eucalypt forest. The scenery in Lamington National Park is startling.

Mountain creeks plummet from sheer-faced cliffs through deep, narrow valleys. Woody vines, ferns and orchids grow beneath a canopy of tall trees in the subtropical tracts. Just some of the wildlife to be seen here include the Australian brush-Turkey, brilliant yellow and black male Bowerbird, the Diamond Python, Crimson Rosella, and Lamington freshwater Cray.

The park is also home to the countries first tree top walkway which is 160 metres in length and made up of a series of nine suspension bridges reaching up to 16 metres above the rainforest floor.

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