Story Bridge in Brisbane is a steel cantilever bridge spanning the Brisbane River and the longest in Australia. Construction on the bridge began on 24 May 1935; components for the bridge were fabricated in a purpose-built factory at Rocklea and at times work on the bridge continued 24 hours a day.

The Story Bridge features prominently in the annual River fire display and is beautifully illuminated at night casting warm glows into the river below. The bridge attracts many visitors from all over the world for many reasons none more so than the adventure climbs that are on offer here.

Visitors are able to climb the structure of the bride (with expert guides) affording the brave with stunning views of the surrounding  city with Moreton Bay sparkling blue in the east and the rolling green hills of the Scenic Rim to the west.

Climbers can choose two options for their descent; simply climbing back down of, for the more adventurous there is an abseil option allowing climbers to abseil down one of its pylons into Captain Burke Park at its base. This is the only experience of its kind in the World.

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