The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia`s most well-known and photographed landmarks. It is the world’s largest (but not the longest) steel arch bridge with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour.

This bridge is visited by thousands of tourists each year some of which venture up with the Bridge Climb which was started in 1998 and attracts tourists and locals alike to climb the monument, many famous people and dignitaries have also ascended the bridge in this way. After climbing through catwalks and up ladders and stairs, the view is absolutely breath-taking.

There are day, twilight and night climbs and a group of twelve will leave for a climb every ten minutes. The Pylon Lookout is at the southern eastern end of the Bridge (the Rocks end) and visitors can go and see an exhibition about the Bridge and well as see the spectacular 360° view from the top of the pylon.

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