Old Montreal is a beautiful, safe and lively neighbourhood located only a few minutes journey from downtown on the St Lawrence River. This historic district has a wealth of attractions and stunning architecture, with the oldest buildings dating back to the 1600`s, that draws thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

Attractions include superb restaurants, hotels, shops, residences and commercial spaces, Point-a-Calliere Museum (a wonderful museum that explores the history of Montreal through archaeological studies and artefacts), Notre Dame Basilica (completed in 1829 and home to a unique light and sound show that recounts a history of Old Montreal and the church), Centre d`histoire de Montréal (set in a historic fire hall and focuses on the history of Montreal), Château Ramezay Museum (which explores the history of Quebec and Montreal through paintings and artefacts in a former governor`s residence), excellent cafes and gardens and much more.

Expertly guided informative tours are easily arranged allowing you to see the very best that this stunning area has to offer.

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