The Ming Tombs in Beijing, China lie 50 kilometres northwest from Beijing City and is the general name given to all the mausoleums of 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). The mausoleums have been perfectly preserved as has the necropolis of each of the many emperors. Due to its long history, palatial and integrated architecture, the site has a high cultural and historic value.

The layout and arrangement of all thirteen mausoleums are very similar but vary in size as well as in the complexity of their structures. Not all of the Tombs are open to the public but the ones that are, the Changling and Dingling tombs, are truly stunning with features such as a huge palace made of camphor wood with a floor decorated with gold bricks, an underground mausoleum featuring the Stone Bridge, Soul Tower, Baocheng, the Underground Place and many other beautiful and historic structures and chambers. Tours can be easily arranged with expert guides to allow you to experience this Far Eastern wonder.

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