The Xian City Wall in China is the most intact ancient Chinese wall in existence which encircles and protects the ancient part of Xian City. The wall is 13,912 meters in circumference, 12 meters in height and the foundation is 18 meters in width while the top of the wall is 15 meters wide.

There are four city gates in the four cardinal directions. The Changle Gate is located in the East side, the Anding Gate is located in the West side, the Yongning Gate is located in the South side, and the Anyuan Gate is located in the North side of the ancient City Wall with features such as a series of watchtowers, turrets, crenels and gate towers, all surrounded by a moat. Tours are easily arranged with expert guides to allow you to experience this historical Far Eastern wonder in all of its glory and will give you an informative and educational journey that you and your family will never forget.

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