The National parks of Krabi have been both nationally and internationally recognised as areas of outstanding natural beauty and have been given protection status ensuring the survival of these stunning areas for future generations.

The park areas encompass a wide variety of settings including many different-sized islands some of which are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, beautiful sandy beaches, mountainous areas covered with virgin rainforest, natural trails, waterfalls, mangrove forests, limestone islands with crystal clear waters, fine beaches and coral reefs.

These areas include attractions such as diving, snorkelling and sea-canoeing areas, diverse species of trees such as wild gardenia, asoka, and Apocynaceae, several limestone mountain caves, stalactite and stalagmite formations under limestone mountains, wild animals such as Asian tapir, Sumatran serow, Asiatic black bear, Fishing cat and over 218 species of birds such as eagles, hornbills, and woodpeckers.

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