The Old Quarters of Hanoi are a bright, bustling colourful area where traders sell their wares at the sides of scooter filled streets lined with enchanting old buildings that are covered in electrical wires, signs and awnings. The best way to explore this area is to simply wander around as there are many sites, sounds and experiences to be found around every corner including the Hoam Kiem lake park (a green, shady area which both locals and tourists use to escape Hanoi`s seemingly ever-present frenetic energy).

The Old Quarter has many street markets mostly run by the local women who can be seen relaxing on their chairs to expend as little energy as possible in the heat of the city.The women of the city can also be found barbequing some of the vast variety of food available here such as meats and a wealth of seafood on the sidewalks, Hanoi has a legendary street food culture which many would agree is worthy of a book, let alone an article.

The Old Quarter also has many streets that are dedicated to specific trades such as toys, shoes, clothing, tombstones, antiques, and scooter repairs, all these things combined with fantastic hotels, restaurants and eateries make this an experience not to be missed. Expertly guided tours can be arranged that will allow you to experience this area and its history to the full.

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