Reunification Hall or (Independence Palace, also known as Independence Hall) is an original architectural work which has a vast history in Ho Chi Minh City. The construction of this palace was started on July 1st 1962 and was then inaugurated on November 31st 1966 and was carried out by the designing group of the architect Ngo Viet. The Hall was once the residence of the French governor general during colonial times and following that it was the Presidential Palace when it was occupied by Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem.

This Far Eastern Palace was destroyed in 1962 by the American air force during an assassination attempt on President Diem who later died before he could move back in to the rebuilt building. Van Thieu was the next President of Vietnam and he lived in the palace until he was evacuated from the roof in 1975 during the invasion of the city by the North Vietnamese. The gates of the palace were knocked down by a North Vietnamese tank and the photo of this event became a symbol of the reunification of Vietnam.

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