The Haji Ali Dargah mosque and tomb in the Mahim Bay of Mumbai is a spectacular example of Indian Islamic architecture which only be reached at low tide via a narrow causeway linking it to the Hindu Mahalaxmi Temple on the main land.

The tomb here contains the body of Haji Ali, who renounced all his worldly possessions before unfortunately dying whilst making a pilgrimage to Mecca. Legend has it that Haji Ali died on his way to Mecca and his body, in its casket, floated back to Mumbai; however, some believe that Haji Ali drowned where the dargah stands today.

The whitewashed structure occupies an area of 4,500 metres, and 40,000 pilgrims visit the shrine on Thursdays and Fridays. An 85 foot (26 m) tower is the architectural highlight of the edifice while the interior main hall boasts marble pillars embellished with coloured mirror work in blue, green and yellow chips inscribed with the ninety-nine names of Allah.

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