The Lotus Temple in New Delhi was designed by Iranian born Canadian architect Fariburz Sahba and built between 1980 and 1986 when construction was finished.  The temple building takes the shape of a giant lotus flower consisting of twenty seven petals, arranged into three rows.

The lotus petals are made of white concrete, and are covered with slabs of white Greek marble on the exterior. The design of the Temple is unique due to the fact that it does not contain a single straight line. All are welcome here, visitors wishing to ascend the tower must remove all footwear before climbing the stairs however there are secure areas where these items can be left for later collection.

Visitors here must also note that while inside the temple it is forbidden to talk, take photos and shoot video. The exit of the temple houses a small museum dedicated to its construction which sells photos and miniatures and displays tools that were actually used during the building of this amazing structure.

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