The Red Fort in New Delhi was built by Emperor Shah Jahan from 1639 to 1648 as a new royal palace with huge red sandstone walls surrounding it that stretch for over 2km and reach up to 33 meters at their highest point on the city side.

There are many attractions to be found here including the vaulted arcade of Chatta Chowk which is a very diverse and busy bazaar selling tourist trinkets and leads into the huge fort compound. Inside is a veritable treasure trove of buildings, including the Drum House, the Hall of Public Audiences, the white marble Hall of Private Audiences, the Pearl Mosque, Royal Baths and the Palace of Colour which is home to a spectacular Lotus shaped fountain, made out of a single piece of marble, and once housed the Emperor`s wives and mistresses.

Tours are easily arranged with expert guides allowing you to fully experience this magnificent monument to the Mughal Empire.

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