Haifa`s most striking landmark is the splendid Baha`i Shrine and Gardens, located on the edge of the city centre. It is the second holiest shrine of the faith. The immaculate gardens, completed in 2001, are a tranquil memorial to the founders of the faith. Pilgrims come to Haifa from all parts of the world to pay homage to the first leaders of their religion, which emphasizes unity across cultures and religions.

In the Haifa gardens, the huge domed Shrine of the Bab entombs Baha`u’llah`s herald. The tomb is a spectacular sight, with ornamental gold work and flowers in almost every nook and cranny. On a higher hilltop stands the Corinthian-style Baha`i International Archives building modelled after the Parthenon and the Baha`i Universal House of Justice, with 58 marble columns and hanging gardens.

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