The Mount of Olives, known as Har HaZeitim in Hebrew, is a section of East Jerusalem covering three mountain peaks and filled with olive groves. The hills at the Mount of Olives are filled with religious and cultural attractions of interest to both Jewish and Christian visitors.

It appears in Bible stories about Kings David and Solomon during the First Temple period, and also in the New Testament as a place in which Jesus prayed. Points of interest here include a large Jewish cemetery dating back approximately 3,000 years and holding over 150,000 grave stones including various politicians, scholars and rabbis, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem`s primary Mount Scopus campus, the Garden of Gethsemane (where Jesus spent his hour of agony after the Last Supper), the Church of all Nations built alongside the Garden in the Fourth Century, the Pater Noster Church, the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, the Tomb of Absalom and the Church of Mary Magdalene.

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