The Auckland Domain is a 75 hectare park that has been developed around the cone of an extinct volcano, the “tuff rings” created by ancient volcanic activity are clearly visible in the contours of the land forming a natural amphitheatre.

The park is full of beautiful gardens and green spaces that are surrounded by mature trees and is home to many striking statues such as three bronze figures located in a large free-form reflecting pool, the two female figures representing “fertility of the soil” and the central male figure representing Auckland itself. There are many paths that wind through this area that will lead through native bush, past attractions such as duck ponds, natural springs, century old trees, picnic spots and manicured playing fields where the city’s oldest sporting tradition of Cricket is played on a regular basis during the summer months, during the winter sports such as Rugby and football are played here.

There is also a nursery here that was set up in 1841 to grow and distribute European plants and trees to the whole of the city. Today, the nursery supplies plants for displays in the Winter Garden, and city parks.

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