Lake Wakatipu occupies an 80km long glacial trench and therefore is the longest lake on the South Island of New Zealand. The Lake reaches depths of up to 410m, which is 100m below sea level.

Due to a standing wave also called a “seiche”, the Lake`s crystal clear waters rise and fall regularly by some 20 cm in Queenstown Bay. Maori legend explains this natural phenomena in the story of a giant that stole the wife of a local Maori, the local man then got his revenge by setting fire to the giant who collapsed, leaving a massive reversed N shaped hole in the ground where the giant fell.

The resulting hole is said to have then filled with water from the surrounding mountains forming the lake, the legend says today the giant’s hart still beats within Lake Wakatipu, causing the fluctuations of the water level. There is a variety of excellent accommodation and restaurants to be found here all offering delicious cuisine to suit all tastes. Activities on and around the lake include walking, mountain biking, jet boating, river surfing and white water rafting. Queenstown, Kingston, Glenorchy, and Kinloch are the main settlements around the lake shore, offering activities, accommodation, sightseeing and shopping.

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