If you are looking for an utterly exhilarating experience look no further than the Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown,  New Zealand, the world’s highest cliff jump. Here you can be strapped into a seat and chest harness (this harnessing configuration keeps your arms and legs free throughout the journey), connected to the jump rope and leap or launch from the 109 metre high cliff edge in any position imaginable.

Gravity accelerates you for 60 metres of free fall just metres from the vertical cliff face where you will reach speeds of up to 150kph as the rocks rush towards you before the ropes smoothly swing you past. All trips are accompanied by a “jump master” who will expertly manage your experience while you soak up the stunning scenery of one of the most spectacular valleys in the region.

The experienced staff here will expertly manage any fear that you may have ensuring you feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy your experience. With over 70 different solo and tandem jump styles all age groups are catered for here from children to OAP`s.

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