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From war and friendship, rivalry and alliance, the relationship between Brazil and Argentina has been through it all. With Beaver Travel we invite you to experience the best of both worlds on this multicentre holiday to Latin America.

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Experience the Power of Two: Argentina & Brazil

Compare and contrast these two neighbours whose inescapable beauty and energy will dazzle and astonish you. From the tango in Buenos Aires to the samba in Rio de Janeiro we will take you through the best of Argentina and Brazil’s urban centres.

When you tire of the city, Beaver Travel will show you the lush jungles and landscapes peppered with over 270 waterfalls. We will visit the renowned Iguazu Falls that straddle the border between Brazil and Argentina: it will be up to you to decide which side is better!

Our multicentre holidays go beyond the traditional uni-focused tour. They will enrich your experience by showing you two cultures in one trip. With Beaver Travel your foray into Latin America will be a holiday like no other.

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