Iguazu Falls (The word “Iguazu” means “great waters”)   in Argentina is one of South Americas most visited natural attractions and one of the most frequented tourist sites attracting thousands of people from all over the world wishing to experience the natural beauty of this UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

There are more than 270 spectacular falls in an area where cliffs and islets are scattered in a half moon shape and when leaving the visitors centre here you can either walk around the many trails or travel through the jungles on a picturesque train to the final station “Devils Throw” where you can easily walk to the falls.

The jungles here offer a variety of flora and fauna and over 500 species of wild fowl, 80 species of mammals and an immense variety of reptiles, fish, insects and butterflies live in this ecosystem. There are various expertly guided tours to be found here including 4×4 jeeps and, boats and walking tours to enable you to get the most out of your visit here.

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