Talampaya National Park in Argentina(designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000) is located 217 km. from La Rioja city and is the most visited tourist destination in La Rioja, named after the Quechua “Dry riverbed of the Tala” (Tala is a tree).

Running water from the Talampaya River created the steep-walled sandstone canyons here during the Permian and Triassic eras, some of which stand 150 meters high. Here you will find regional fauna, including guanacos, hares, maras, foxes and condors, a botanical garden of the local flora at the narrow point of the canyon, the remains of indigenous peoples` settlements, such as the petroglyphs of the Puerta Del Cañón.

The purpose of the park is to protect important archaeological and paleontological sites found in the area. Expertly guided tours are easily arranged allowing you to fully experience the beauty and history of this stunning area to the full.

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