The Plaza De Armas in Chile is the heart and soul of Santiago featuring a series of sculptures, fountains, and pretty trees with purple flowers, all flanked by massive buildings on each side of the square. This area is kilómetro cero (the central point from which all distances in the country are calculated) and is home to some of the nation`s most accomplished architecture.

The historical importance of this area is huge, as the midpoint of the Spanish settlement of 1541, the square was once a military training ground – hence its name – but in time it became the focus of Santiago`s social and commercial life.

The city`s main supplier of food and goods, the Mercado de Abastos operated here during the 1600s until its relocation in 1817. Since the city`s foundation, the square has been the address of some of the key buildings in the capital, including a succession of city halls, courts, old jails and of course, the Cathedral, which towers over the plaza and no less than four different churches have stood at the site of the Catedral Metropolitana.

There are a variety of eateries to be found here allowing you to sit and watch the busy square in all of its glory while partaking in one of the local popular board games or just marvelling at the stunning views.

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