Easter Island
Geysers in the Atacama Desert
Torres del Paine, Patagonia


Stretching a staggering 4,300 km along the Andean backbone of South America, Chile is a long, thin country locked between ocean and mountain, and as a result has a variety of climate and landscape to match its changing latitude.

This spectacular geographic diversity is the main drawer ranging from the scorched volcano dotted Atacama Desert in the north, through the fertile lakelands above the central plains to the Patagonian wilderness in the deep south with its striking mountain peaks and enormous glaciers. Like New Zealand the country nurtures a strong ‘outdoors’ culture  and even emulates its Pacific cousin with an ability to play rugby.

Whilst exploring the mainland do not miss the opportunity to jump on a five-hour flight west of Santiago, Chile’s cosmopolitan capital, to mysterious Easter Island. Its colossal Moai statues inviting intrigue and fascination from all that set foot on this island’s remote shores.

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