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Israel is not a large country. You can drive from its northern border to its southern tip in less than 10 hours. From east to west, it will take you less than two hours. But this small territory contains an unimaginable wealth of natural landscapes and historical treasures as well as a rich cultural heritage.

Forested mountains, fertile valleys, colourful deserts, and beautiful coastline are all within a one-day drive of each other. Archaeological sites dot the landscape, echoing famous names and momentous events in world history. The alphabet was invented in this land, as was agriculture, urban centres, cemeteries and private houses. This was the land where the concept of social justice was formulated and the existence of a Kingdom of Heaven revealed, together with prophecy and divine miracles.

Divine manifestation has always been part of this land. Kings and prophets, warriors and saviours, holy men and wise sages have left their historical imprint in the valleys, deserts and mountains of this small country. Judaism and Christianity came into being in this land where God walked with humans.

The variety of people is one of the ingredients that have made this land so fascinating. Hebrews and Philistines, Phoenicians, Christians, Muslim and Jewish sects, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Mongols and Turks have all inhabited this land.

The modern people of Israel are made up of communities from over 120 different countries, each with its own culture and heritage. In addition to its treasure of world heritage, Israel offers outstanding travel opportunities for the discerning traveller. Enjoy its luxury hideaways for the perfect holiday; world-class wineries next door to boutique producers of olive oil and cheese; spas, resorts and retreats – to heal body and soul; year-round outdoor activities; culinary treasures; and spiritual experiences coupled with a vibrant Mediterranean cultural heritage of nightlife, festivals and events.

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